Building A Better SMSF Business

Date: 01/02/2011

There's money to be made from self-managed super - but with new rules ahead, is it too hard - and not profitable enough - to service your SMSF clients?

There's money to be made in servicing clients withself-managed super fund needs. But much is changing in the SMSF space including new compliance rules soon to be introduced which will bring a much heavier focus on education and other resources to continue to provide SMSF work. Joh McIlroy of specialist SMSF firmMultiport suggests that firms with few clients way not find it worthwhile to continue to offer the service. He suggests thatpractices should ask themselves: Are we making money from self-managed super? Are we prepared to invest in time, money and resources tomeet the new rules? Are our clients receiving the service they want from us? If the answers to these questions are in thenegative, you may wish to consider some alternatives - but that needn't mean losing your SMSF clients.

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