Getting smart about payroll

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Running Time: 9:49

Date: 01/07/2014

Your payroll people can make or lose you a heap of money - make sure they know what they're doing

Tracy Angwin knows all about payroll - she fine-tuned her skills in the sector over many years until she became so disillusioned about the lack of focus given to this important business function that she took matters into her own hands. She set up the Australian Payroll Association to help guide payroll people through the complex and ever-changing regulatory regime, and to establish qualifications to help raise standards across the sector.

Her big concern - businesses aren't compliant, their payroll people aren't up-to-date on the rules, and many think (hope) that accounting software will see you through. Not true, she warns, as she explains the risks of ignoring the issue and also the rewards of smartening up.

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Tracy Angwin, Australian Payroll Association