Will you employ older people?

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Running Time: 8:15

Date: 01/07/2014

Time to debunk some myths about employing older people!

They're unreliable, they can't keep up with technology, they have more sick days...all wrong! As the politically-driven debate rolls on about the need to employ older workers, retirement coach Peter Black looks some facts and figures for us. He reveals plenty of positives about the contribution that older people can make to business life. Yet stereotyping, myths and prejudice abound.

Take training for example: no point in training older people into a job, some argue, because they won't be around long-term. But what does long-term mean these days when young people continually move around the jobs market?  It's a myth!

Peter looks at the realities of employing older workers and he considers the benefits that a good mix of generations - including the older one - could bring to your business.

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Peter Black, Business & Executive Coach