How to be a wise mentor

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Running Time: 9:01

Date: 01/07/2014

A mentor's role is help others become wiser - and that means putting your own wisdom to good use.

A mentoring relationship is not something to be entered into lightly - by either party. Noel Posus of Incredible Awareness says, in the first place it requires a clear structure: what do the parties need, how do they intend to achieve it, how will they measure it and how will they re-negotiate the arrangement if that becomes necessary. And it's NOT about the mentor simply telling the mentee what to do - it's about inspiring critical thinking, and that requires wisdom. Noel says wisdom has four components: learning and its application; emotional intelligence to understand how other people operate; experience and its interpretation; and creative thinking and problem-solving. A rich mixture, but a sound footing for a rewarding mentoring experience. 

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Noel Posus, Incredible Awareness