Why women leave

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Running Time: 9:57

Date: 01/07/2014

How do you stop your best female staff from leaving you, never to return?

So much has been said over the years about glass ceilings, affirmative action for women and equal opportunity. But how much progress has really been made? Unfortunately for many business operators, it can be a costly lesson when female staff members leave - sometimes the best ones - and then prefer to set up their own businesses rather than return to work for someone else.

Mandy Johnson has seen it all first hand, she led a corporate life before frustrations about limited opportunities caused her to strike out on her own. Now she has a successful new life as an equal opportunity consultant and author. Her story provides lessons for us all, along with some ideas about how to retain the women in your practice - and how much better it is to have a good mix, of men and women.

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Mandy Johnson