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Date: 01/08/2018

How do the accounting services we offer in Australia stack up against similar practices in other countries? Are we doing things differently? Could we be doing things better?

That's what we put to Mark Holton, who, in his role as Director at Smithink, has spent many years speaking to and training accounting firms overseas. It's allowed him to gain insights into the kinds of services they offer – particularly in relation to business advisory. 

While a lot of accountants are transitioning into the business advisory space, Lisa Kernes Ignite Alliance explains how it's important to be focused on all the moving parts of their client's engine. Not only will it help them save money, it will help your own practice grow. 

Also this month, Professor Neville Norman offers his economic perspectives versus other leading Australian economists as we head into a new financial year. Andrew Ford has a very effective take on the old elevator pitch. Harry Mills has sound advice on building trust in an ever-cynical world.

Mandy Holloway looks inward and asks us what we can we do to disrupt the status quo in our own businesses. Greg Keady of APW Partners advises on navigating volatile markets. Tax expert Michael Jones pulls apart the 'twilight zone' of company tax rates.

And we finish the program with a lesson in business attire, as Lolita Lowe talks up the advantages of a fashion strategy.

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