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Date: 01/09/2018

This month, for those of us with never enough time in our lives we hear from author Les Watson who has strategies around being more productive. He’ll help us retrieve an extra hour every day, he’s even written a tip-filled book about it.

Our success story is with Steve Layton who has added a new and innovative arm to his long-standing furniture business. Sofa Brands is the result of a mega three-way joint venture to offer luxury Italian designed furniture to the Australian and Chinese markets at affordable prices.

Small Business Ombudsman, Kate Carnell, has released Affordable Capital for SME Growth, a report to help SMEs gain easier access to finance. Reformed alcoholic and consultant Graeme Alford highlights the dependency a lot of executives have with drugs and alcohol, and he offers a solution for those seeking discreet assistance.

Mike Marr introduces us to robots and how they're changing the security world. Greg Keady has a checklist on understanding the costs around financial advice.

And we finish the program on the topic of leadership with Graham Andrewartha of McPhee Andrewartha.

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