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Date: 01/02/2019

How often do we hear that it's your people who can make or break your business? This month we dig deep on attracting and retaining the best employees and what to do with those that aren't performing as expected.

Knowing whether a key staff member is planning to leave is a key issue identified by Alan Rodway this month. It could be one of several threats to your business in the year ahead. Recruitment specialist Geoff Balmer offers solutions on keeping your key staff happy and engaged. While, Karen Gately returns with 9 lessons on managing those who underperform.

Our success story this month is Fiona Whatley, one half of a husband-and-wife team running Springhill Farm, in regional Victoria. She takes us through the challenges and opportunities in manufacturing and selling bite-snacks to people across the country.

Also this month, if you're not sure where we're heading this election year, Michael Jones compares the Coalition and Labor's tax policies and what they might mean for you and your clients. And we finish with Emma Bannister and how to pitch a powerful presentation.

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