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Date: 01/02/2021

A new year brings hope for a much better future than we’ve experienced in 2020. As we say goodbye and turn our backs on a hell of a year, we start with resident economist, Professor Neville Norman, and his projections for the twelve months ahead.

Now might be a good time to talk with the bank if you’re needing a cash injection. Former banker, Angie Winton, has some strategies when approaching the right people at the right lender.

Also this month, Alan Rodway helps sharpen our focus on how to succeed in 2021. MC Carter has some tips on creating great SEO-content for your website. Jaquie Scammell espouses the human connection when it comes to customer service.

Ally Muller helps us to find and unlock the geniuses in our businesses. Lucy Dickens explains how she is shaking up the archaic legal profession, with some parallels for the accounting industry. And we finish the program with Jaemin Frazer’s seven essentials of overcoming insecurity.

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