Drugs, booze & business

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Running Time: 9:21

Date: 01/07/2014

Which ever way you mix them, they're a dangerous cocktail.

Drugs, booze and business don't mix. It's a lesson learned long ago by Graeme Alford - former high-flying lawyer who lost everything through alcoholism, landed in jail, then started re-building his life to become now a successful businessman, author and speaker. Graeme also helps business people with drug or alcohol problems, for whom work has become increasingly tenuous.

About alcoholism, Graeme is not one for half measures. His view is to give it up, forever. He says it's not what you drink, or where, or even how much. It's what happens when you drink that is the deciding factor. Graeme's story is fascinating and his views are frank. But for those with a problem, he shows that there is an answer, it works and it can change your life in every positive way.

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Graeme Alford, Recovery Beyond Belief