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Date: 01/08/2019

This month, we dig deep into the art of selling – no, it's not everyone's favourite thing to do, but if you want to grow, you need to put some effort into perfecting it.

William Pegg of Synthesis Group has five tactics you can use to better upsell your services. And Darren Fleming returns to share his tips on setting up a conversation with your client.

As the Reserve Bank drops rates to historic lows, Professor Neville Norman ponders a scenario of interest rates at zero percent, or – heaven forbid – negative interest rates. Neville has some serious questions to ask about the RBA’s low cash rate strategy.

Also this month, Steve McKnight helps us understand the difference between safe and unsafe debt. We ask REA Group's Nerida Conisbee if the property market is finally on the rebound – where, and will it last? Rhonda Andrews warns of the dangers of employee burnout.

Tax expert Michael Jones uncovers the tax rules around website development. Greg Keady looks at the advantages of index investing.

And we finish the program with John Drury's suggestion to ditch a work-life balance for work-life integration. 

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